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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We are a small Tuscan farm, producing extra virgin olive oil.

Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained from olive trees of various typical Tuscan varieties: Leccino, Frantoio, Pendolino, Moraiolo and Maurino which - together with the sun exposure and the favorable hill location - give the oil unique aromas and flavor.

We do not use synthetic pesticides and / or fertilizers.

Occasionally, every 3/4 years, the olive trees are fed with organic fertilizer.


Our extra virgin olive oil is obtained according to secular natural laws that anticipate and overcome the modern definition of 'biological'.

It should be noted that the organic cultivation, guaranteed and certified by the specific mark and expression of the high quality of the product, allows a limited and partial use of some plant protection products.

Nature, no.

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1866, no.




Az. Agr. Maria Giuditta Conte,

loc. Montebamboli 32 - 58024 Massa Marittima (GR)

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Agriturismo Podere San Lorenzo 1866

loc. Montebamboli

58024 Massa Marittima (GR) Italia

Tel:  +39 3348316542

Instagram: agriturismo san lorenzo 1866

Facebook: Agriturismo San Lorenzo 1866

Twitter: @sanlorenzo1866


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